Branding and Visual Identity

Branding is a fundamental element for building and consolidating a brand. It refers to brand image management, encompassing aspects such as name creation, visual identity, positioning, values and marketing actions. The importance of branding lies in its ability to create an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers, generating trust, loyalty and purchasing preference.

A strong and well-positioned brand in the market has a greater ability to compete and stand out compared to its competitors, in addition to adding value to the products and services offered. Therefore, branding is a strategic element for any company that wishes to be successful in the long term and stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

How is this done here?

At AnonMedia, all branding (or rebranding) is done very carefully through detailed market studies, tracing the entire path that the brand needs to take to have a successful trajectory. With an organized and consistent brainstorm, we collect all the ideas that connect to the future of your brand and filter what makes sense for your business.

From the way you position yourself to the way you communicate, everything is planned down to the smallest detail. In addition to all this, the entire visual identity of your brand is also delivered, with everything it is entitled to: applications, stationery, and of course, the final document, which is the Brand Manual.

Common questions

Branding is a long-term strategy, being essential to show the full macro scope of your brand, of what your company represents. Different from marketing itself, Branding helps your business to communicate consistently using only organic means.

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We create content, manage your networks and help you with strategies to engage your audience on the main social networks.


We create and manage your traffic campaigns performing for the best possible result for the desired purpose.


We produce a perfect brand from scratch for your business and outline the ideal path to position it in the market.


We create incredible texts for your website and blog, using the best techniques to achieve your desired goals.

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